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LUO Xiao a steadfast guard against Alzheime

Recently, an Alzheimers preventionsquare dance, accompanied by catchy and rhythmic music, has gone viral on Chinese social media. It is choreographed by the man who leads the dance in front. He is LUO Xiao, a ZJU alumnus and a radiologist at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) . On social media, he is known as Luo Xixi Boshi, Doctor Luo Xixi. 

In 2013, Luo enrolled on a joint postgraduate program by Zhejiang University and the National University of Singapore. His supervisor suggested that he pursue his studies on Alzheimers disease. During his postgraduate studies, he studied hundreds of Alzheimers patients. He gradually learned how to communicate with them effectively from their initial embarrassment to their later mutual understanding. Although there might be no reciprocation from the patients, he wont quit giving his care. It is worthwhile for me even if I can only make their fond memories linger in their mind for a little more time, said Luo. 

Luo participated in a one-year exchange program at the National University of Singapore. His stay in Singapore made a tremendous impact on him. There were intensive care centers which provided professional medical care for Alzheimers patients in Singapore. Staff there would guide patients on how to do some simple exercises or play musical instruments. The patients diet would also be well adjusted. Moreover, Singapore did a fantastic job in publicizing Alzheimers disease. Science animation is impressively lifelike. For example, what are the symptoms at the final stage? They will cough while eating and die of pneumonia. This inspired Luo. After returning to China, he started to engage in popular science publicity activities about Alzheimers disease.

The COVID-19 outbreak acted as a catalyst for his idea of making short videos. Not only is LUO Xiao a doctor, he is also a popular science uploader who has 700,000 followers. Many of my colleagues havent known about my identity on the Internet yet. This is my little secret. On such platforms as TikTok and bilibili, Luo has released hundreds of short videos about Alzheimers disease. Since many of his followers are elderly people, LUO Xiao speaks slowly and clearly in his videos and uses large font subtitles purposefully. The videos also cover a wide spectrum of topics, such as whether dogs or cats will get dementia, the relationship between kidney deficiency and dementia, and how patients with periodontal disease can prevent dementia.

When it comes to trending square dance videos, there are many preventive health exercises for Alzheimers disease, Luo said, adding that medical research has confirmed that increasing finger movements and participating in such social interactions as square dancing are beneficial to the prevention of Alzheimers disease. He mashed up several fitness exercises into this square dance to the accompaniment of funny background music. He also hoped that this square dance could raise awareness that early prevention can reduce the incidence of Alzheimers disease.

I hope that the turning point for the treatment of Alzheimers disease will come as soon as possible in China. Although this is not something I can do alone, I will persist in it, said Luo steadfastly.




Photo credit: LUO Xiao

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