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A top university in China supported by the ''Double First-class'' Initiative

Founded in December, 1984, Graduate School of Zhejiang University is one of the first pilot graduate schools approved by the State Council. In February, 1995, including Graduate School of Zhejiang University, 10 graduate schools were honored and formally inaugurated after the evaluation of 33 pilot graduate schools organized by the former State Education Commission.

As an important base for fostering postgraduates in China, Graduate School of Zhejiang University has created and provided postgraduates with good discipline environment and faculty of high quality on the basis of the strong school-running strength of Zhejiang University. As one of the comprehensive universities with the most complete disciplines in China so far, Zhejiang Univerisity is entitled to grant academic degrees of 12 disciplines covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management, and Art. By December 31st, 2020, Zhejiang University had had 62 first-level disciplines authorized to grant doctorates, 64 first-level disciplines authorized to grant master’s degrees, 10 professional degrees for doctors and 35 professional degrees for masters. There are 14 national key disciplines of first-level disciplines, 21 national key disciplines of second-level disciplines, 10 national key disciplines (Nurture), 7 key disciplines of Ministry of Agriculture and 50 first-class disciplines in Zhejiang Province.

By December 31st, 2020, 4,389 teachers in various disciplines had applied for and obtained the qualification for postgraduate enrollment, among which 2,930 had obtained the qualification for doctoral enrollment; 1,739 teachers had applied for and obtained the qualification for the professional master’s degree enrollment, among which 314 teachers had obtained the qualification for the professional doctoral degree enrollment; 589 associate professors had obtained the qualification for doctoral enrollment.

At present in Zhejiang University, there are 10 national key laboratories, 10 national (local joint) engineering laboratories, 1 key discipline laboratory, 4 national specialized laboratories and 102 provincial and ministerial laboratories; there are 4 national engineering research centers, 2 national collaborative innovation centers and 41 provincial and ministerial platforms, centers and bases; there are 3 key research bases of humanities and social sciences of general institutes of higher education. High-level supervisors and good conditions for scientific research and experiments have laid a solid foundation for the development of high-level graduate education.

Actively promoting the process of the internationalization of postgraduate education, Zhejiang University has established substantial intercollegiate cooperative relations with many world-renowned universities. Attaching great importance to expanding students’ international vision, the university has selected and sent our postgraduates abroad under government funds through various channels for degree study, joint training, short-term visits, and participation in high-level international academic conferences.

In the long running process, Zhejiang University has cultivated a large number of talents under the rigorous academic atmosphere and created substantial results. From 1999 to 2020, Zhejiang University has granted 24,244 doctoral degrees and 103,382 master’s degrees. 48 doctoral dissertations were selected into the 100 national excellent doctoral dissertations, and 93 doctoral dissertations were selected into the national excellent doctoral dissertations nomination award. By December 31st, 2020, Zhejiang university had a total number of 37,563 postgraduates, 13,485 of which were doctoral students (including 350 part-time doctoral students) and 18,046 of which were master's students (including 5,682 part-time master's students). In 2021, Zhejiang University enrolled 12,370 postgraduates in total, including 3,574 full-time doctoral students, 174 part-time doctoral students, 6,838 full-time master's students and 1,784 part-time master’s students. In the same year, 157 doctoral students were enrolled under the interdisciplinary cultivation.

(Key data as of December, 2020)

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