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Pao Yue-Kong and Pao Zhao-Long Scholarship

Pao Yue-Kong Scholarship was established in January, 1983 by Sir Pao Yu-Kong, the founder of Hong Kong's World-Wide Shipping Group. He made a $1M contribution to establish Pao Yue-Kong Scholarship to enable Chinese teachers and researchers to study abroad. In October, 1985, Sir Pao Yue-Kong visited Zhejiang University. He made another $1M contribution to the scholarship and the scholarship renamed Pao Yue-Kong and Pao Zhao-Long Scholarship. Sir Pao Yue-Kong decided to hand over the scholarship to Zhejiang University for management and establish the Executive Committee to take charge of the management of the affairs of the foundation. The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall be the president of Zhejiang University. The scholarship is used to support the teachers and researchers from Zhejiang University (85% of the total number) and other colleges/universities in Zhejiang province (15% of the total number) to study abroad and visit foreign institutions. 

Until 2017, the Scholarship has contributed more than $4.88M to support Chinese teachers and researchers to study abroad. Many of the scholarship-winners have later greatly contributed to the development of China and Chinese research. Among them are several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, for example, Pan Yunhe, Tan Jianrong, Xu Yangsheng, Zhulizhong from CAE, Yang Shufeng, Chen Yunmin, Huang Hefeng from CAS.  The Scholarship currently has assets of approximately $3.2M.



Pao Yu-Kong International Foundation

In March, 2004, Mrs. Anna Sohmen Pao, daughter of Sir Pao Yue-Kong, made a $1M contribution to establish Pao Yue-Kong International Foundation to support Zhejiang University to recruit ''Pao Yue-Kong Visiting Professor from the world-famous universities and research institutions to teach in Zhejiang University for 1-3 months in a period of 3 years. This foundation help Zhejiang University promote discipline construction and improve teaching level.

From 2007 to 2017, Pao Yue-Kong International Foundation has supported Zhejiang University to recruit 52 famous “Pao Yu-Kong Visiting Professors’’ to teach at Zhejiang University.

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