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Dialogue@ZJU:With Prof. CHEN Yunmin, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

[Message from the editor: Prof. CHEN Yunmin, featured in the latest university video, found a solution to tackle soil settlement, increasing the high-speed rail safety.]

Quotes from the interview:

-The most challenging problem in building high-speed railways is that the speed of high-speed trains needs to reach the speed of wave transmission in the foundation. In this case, the so-called Mach effect will arise in the foundation, which is known as a resonance phenomenon.

-We adopt the principle of rolling over the sleeper, just like running our fingers down the piano. In this way, we achieve the same effect as the wheel runs at the speed of 360 km/h in the lab. Our unprecedented device plays a decisive role in promoting the development of high-speed railways in China.

-One single discipline is far from enough to overcome the Mach effect. Zhejiang University is marked by a full spectrum of disciplines…I think high-caliber inter-disciplinary convergence is vital to resolving this problem.

Click Here to watch the Dialogue.

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