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Funding and Aid

Our aim is to attract the most qualified candidates and make ZJU financially accessible to all. Our financial aid program provides guaranteed funding, a variety of funding options and fellowships to postgraduate students.


Zhejiang University offers a comprehensive program of financial support, including grants and fellowships from internal and external sources, traineeships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, other academic employment opportunities, and several types of loans.


Part One: Standard Funding

The standard funding package includes:

l  Green Passage For Postgraduate Student Under Poverty

For the full-time graduate students who are unable to pay their tuition fees due to family financial difficulties, the green passage for tuition fee will be opened. Students could register without paying in advance the tuition fees.

l  National Educational Loan

For full-time postgraduates with financial difficulties due to family causes, the Bank of China will provide a national student loan with a maximum quota of 12,000 yuan per academic year. The application time is every March and September. The specific notice will be posted at the Graduate School website of Zhejiang University.

l  Post grants

Post grants are School Post Grants(including national grants), Tutor Post Grant, Excellent Doctoral Candidates’ Post Grant

l  A Combination of Stipend

Postgraduate students may apply for a Combination of stipend, teaching fellowships, assisting management fellowships and research assistantships.

l  Graduate Academic Scholarship

Full-time postgraduate students who are included in the national postgraduate enrollment plan (some subject not included) and Full-time postgraduate students in the national policy supported training program may receive graduate academic scholarship.


Part Two: Funding For Development

The funding package for development includes:

l Scholarship For Doctoral Freshman

l  Scholarship For Doctoral Candidates in Humanities:

l  Scholarship For Postgraduate Students Graded Excellent

l  Scholarship For Postgraduate Students in The present Graduating Year

l  Funding for Excellent Doctoral Dissertations:


Part Three: Emergency Financial Support

The funding package for emergency financial support includes:

l  Temporary Subsidies For Difficulties:

Graduate students may apply for grants from their School & College due to family financial difficulties. In addition, graduate students may apply for financial support from School & College and Graduate Affairs Management Office of Graduate School due to special difficulties such as sudden casualties.


l  Love Action at the End of Year

Provide students under poverty the round-trip tickets in Spring Festival, clothes in winter, funding for patient visiting.


l  Love –fund

Provide full-time postgraduate students with funding for serious diseases, huge medical expenses, unexpected accidents.


l  Student Grants from Society

Junsheng Student Grant

Zhuang’s Student Grant

Jin Changsheng Student Grant

Tang Lixin Student Grant


l  Student Loan from Society

Yongping Independent Student Loan

Yongping Student Loan For Studying Aborad

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